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Devkund Waterfall Odisha

Devkund Waterfalls
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Devkund Waterfall Odisha


Let me introduce the place Devkunda/Devikunda of Odhisa, This mesmerizing place belongs to Udala block of Simplipal Tiger Reserve, Dist-Mayurbhanj. One can visit this place by hiring a cab from either of the following places
1. Baripada
2. Bungripossi
3. Panchlingeshwar
4. Chandipur
5. Balasore
Remember that the vehicles are to be parked at approx 1.5 Km away from the place.  But believe me that way would give you an experience to ponder all over the rest of your life. After sometime river Nalabha would welcome you by its sweet melody and you would find yourself lost in making the wild guess of estimating the heights of the green peaks of Simli hills embraced by the clouds.
The journey ends somewhere and you would be spellbound to see that river Nalabha has jumped from a height like a restless little girl and created a pool. On the uphill you’d find a small temple. As per Hindu mythology, while the Sudarshana Chakra fragmented the body of Sati, the first wife of Lord Shive, her left ankle fell here and since then it has been a sacred place for Hindus.
From the pool you have to climb up a zigzag staircase (approx 400 steps), somewhere very wet to reach the temple.. The view of the pool from the temple is breathtaking. Now I can’t remember the mythological detail but the priest of the temple is there to fulfill your appetite for knowledge.
I have given all the info that I’ve. I visited the place during rainy season but if you wanna watch the real beauty of this please do visit in end February to mid of March.
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