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Arijit kar

Professionally I am into financial services industry but travelling and photography has always been my passion. From my matriculation days I was keen to travel a lot with my friends but that was just a dream. Dream became reality when after my ICSE exam I got permission for the first time from my parents to travel  without their handholding. Myself and one of my very close friends, Kallol Saha packed our bags for 4N 3D tour to Darjeeling and Gangtok. That was an ice breaker. After that successful trip there followed innumerous trips – Solo Trips and Group Trips. My passion to photography and especially Landscape Photography is like my oxygen to survive. Landscape being the genre, to nourish it I started travelling a lot. So it became a win-win situation for both my passions. In the journey I am blessed to get some wonderful friends with me who are equally akin to take Ghuranchandi to the next levels. As a part of this journey I have also penned down a book on my travel stories in Bengali in the name of “Ghuranchandi (Prothom Parba) availavle online from Amazon.

Ghuranchandi (Prothom Parba) at Amazon

Please click on the image to got to vlog on Bhastara

Please click on the image to got to vlog on Hatibari

Please click on the image to got to vlog on Bethuadahari


After ICSE first trip to Daejeeling and Gangtok with one of my friends.

Started travelling alone in solo trips

Got like minded friends and started travelling in groups.

Writing down my first book on Travel Stories named Ghuranchandi ( Prothom Parba). Also started videographing our trips.

Formed the FB Group Ghuranchandi- The Travel Group with my travel partners. Launched YouTube channel named Ghuranchandi.

Published our website as a travel blog.

The journey will continue….

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