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West Bengal

Rocky river bed of Raimatang

Raimatang Tourist Spot

Raimatang Tourist Spot – An Offbeat Location in North Bengal 1: Although I am borne, educated and spent my working …
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Bronze winged jacana at jhilli bird sanctuary

Jhilli Bird Sanctuary

Jhilli Bird Sanctuary Jhilli When the trekker dropped me off at the Kenduabari stop, I saw nothing but a grocery …
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Baidyapur Kalna

Baidyapur, Kalna and Sabujdeep Baidyapur 1: Last time when I went to Ambika Kalna, the Kalna neighborhood remained unseen because …
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Featured image of Lal kakra beach

Lal Kakra Beach – Dakshin Purushottompur

Birthday Gift – Red Crab Beach ( Lal Kankra Beach ) 1. The Red Crab Beach ( most popularly known …
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Mousuni island sea beach

Mousuni Island Tour Plan

Mousuni Island 1: There are more than 100 islands in the Bay of Bengal, including the Sundarbans. Mousuni is one …
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Usri fall at Giridih tour plan

Giridih Tour Plan

Giridih Old Memories The year was probably 1996. I was at higher secondary then and that’s when I had my …
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৭০০ পাহাড়ের দেশে – কিরিবুরু এবং মেঘাহাতুবুরু

৭০০ পাহাড়ের দেশে ১: বারবিল জন শতাব্দী যখন চাইবাসা স্টেশনে পৌঁছলো তখন প্রায় ১১.৪০। একে তো আধা ঘন্টা লেট তারওপর …
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Bhatinda Fall Jharkhand

Bhatinda Falls Jharkhand

Bhatinda Fall Arrival At Dhanbad Enjoying the beauty of the waterfall in the rainy season is like sitting on a …
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পালামৌ ভ্রমণ বৃত্তান্ত

পালামৌ ভ্রমণ বৃত্তান্ত ১: “স্যার, আপ লোগ মেইন গেট কা তরফ আইয়ে। হাম ওয়াহী পে ওয়েট কর রাহা হু।” – …
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Uttar Pradesh

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